Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar — Cocktail & Wine Bar

Consider the
bar raised.

Our bartenders know a thing or two about cocktail culture. Classic cocktails rule, and no one stirs a martini like Hy’s. But our talented bar team takes equal pride in showcasing the latest in modern cocktail craft and mixology.

The Classics.

A perfectly crafted cocktail is equal parts expert technique and quality ingredients. Hy’s uses only premium brands to create classic cocktails that respect the integrity of the recipe and the vision of the creator. Precise measurement and careful execution allow the harmony of spirits in a Sazerac or Old Fashioned to shine through. Hy’s may not have invented the classics, but we make them like no one else.

The Contemporary.

There are exciting new ingredients and tools in the marketplace that have truly raised the bar in cocktail culture. Craft cocktails, or those made with small batch spirits, fresh organics and unique botanicals, can be enjoyed alone, or beside a fine meal. At Hy’s we have a wide range of delicious, proprietary cocktails that are truly irresistible.

Our Wines

Our sommeliers seek out big labels and unique, boutique producers, with the goal of providing interesting and eclectic selections from around the world. Whatever the occasion, there’s a great bottle waiting to be uncorked.