Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar — Hy’s Thrivers 2024
The Winners

Hy’s Thrives 2024

Our fourth annual Hy’s Thrives Health & Wellness Challenge truly represented. There was a heck of a lot of athletic achievement, some interesting hobby-development, some personal bests, and some amazing stories. It seems that the Challenge is now an established fixture in our winter & spring, which is a gratifying testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of so many Thrivers across the country. Well done to all who tried, and to those who cheered you on. It takes a village!

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Overall Team Winner

Led by Zvonimir and his co-captain Dominika, and (expertly) advised and cheered on by former-Captain Carmela, Calgary killed it. Not only did they accomplish a variety of interesting personal challenges, they demonstrated amazing team spirit, celebrating successes, big and small. Calgary’s enthusiasm is truly contagious. Thank you and Congratulations Team Calgary for capturing the glory for Hy’s Thrives 2024.

Kim Le, Server, Gotham

Individual Achievement

Kim is currently pursuing a major in Business with a minor in Economics at Simon Fraser University in BC, with Law School on the horizon. She set her sights on being in the top 5% of her peers this semester and ended up finishing at the top of each class. Thank you, Kim, for leading by example in everything you do. Congratulations!

James DaTerra, Dining Room Manager, Winnipeg

President’s Choice: Spirit of Hy’s

This year, there’s one individual who can speak with certainty about the physical, mental, and emotional strength it took to thrive. James DaTerra competed in the Ironman Lanzarote, in Spain. James not only demonstrated amazing physical prowess, but he exceeded his goal of raising $5000 for the Dr. Good Bear Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Congratulations and thank you James, for representing the Spirit of Hy’s. https://goodbear.ca/ https://www.ironman.com/im-lanzarote

Here’s just a snapshot of recent activities

Honorable Mentions … too many to count!

Zara & Sarah, Calgary explored 11 different exercise studios around town, trying everything from yoga to spinning to F45, and more.

Andrea, Head Office mastered stand-up paddleboarding – rain or shine – with a wetsuit & a smile.

Kalpesh, Vancouver showered with cold water, saving significant energy & boosting endorphins!

Zach, Gotham after WSET 1 & 2, aimed to study 1 hour per day and achieved his WSET level 3.

Kelly, Winnipeg took advantage of local culture, seeing 5 live performances.

Alana, Gotham coached her son’s soccer team, even while assuming her new role as GM.

Gary, Calgary transitioned from driving to walking to work, despite long days and bad weather.

Karen, Vancouver led cardio classes in the upstairs dining room, every Saturday – did not miss one!

Neil, Head Office dramatically reduced his smoking habit to (almost) none!

Darlo, Toronto didn’t order Uber Eats once!

Jody, Whistler studied investing to grow his future nest egg.

Angus, Head Office in June, will ride a tandem bike to Conquer Cancer https://ride2conquer.ca/

Robyn, Taylor, Shannon, Hector, Miguel & Mayumi, Toronto huffed & puffed their way to buff!

Roddy, Gotham saved money for wedding.

Emily, Vancouver read 16 books.

Oxana, Calgary learned macrame, showing meticulous attention to detail in crafting beautiful knots.

Seeun & Kaia, Gotham improved sleep patterns and schedule.

Jaeda, Gotham dance twice per week.

Kaley, Winnipeg her works of art were accepted to be shown at the Cre8ery Art Gallery in late July. https://www.cre8ery.com/portfolio/auxiliary-gallery/

Ann Marie, Gotham, Mae, Toronto & Oren, Calgary paid off debt.

Savino, Calgary pursued his dream of playing drums, diligently practicing, and mastering a song within seven weeks.

Rio, Gotham healed from knee injury enough to enter tennis tournament.

Peter, Gotham, Gus & Jumari, Toronto meditated daily.

Team Gotham returned to make lunch and play dodgeball with the Kimount Boys & Girls Club. https://www.bgcbc.ca/

Emmett, Gotham played hockey, coached his daughter, and cut out soda pop.

Blair, Vancouver led four “clean the beaches & streams” outings.

Marina, Head Office learned to swim.

Cordelia, Winnipeg tackled a new recipe each week for a family dinner.

Amy, Tomeia & Michaela, Vancouver quit vaping.

Erinne, Whistler raised money for PAWS, the Pemberton Animal Welfare Society https://pawspemberton.com/.

Mike & Simon, Head Office kept each other challenged over the chess board.

Tim, Mercedesz, Seb, Carly, Michael, James, Randie, Tomislav, John, and more, all locations dropped a total of 200 pounds and counting!

John, Gotham completed school assignments ‘day-of’, cooked more & improved diet.

Domi, Calgary mastered one new English word a day, to a grand total of 91!

Justine, Vancouver & Ryan, Toronto learned Spanish.

Team Toronto donated blood, & served lunch al fresco https://www.blood.ca/, https://feeditforward.ca/