Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar — John Aisenstat Memorial Awards
John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship

Known for his passion for the business he literally grew up in, John Aisenstat was unfailing in his support of the staff who made his business a success for over 60 years. He was equally cognizant of the need to attract new talent in an increasingly competitive world.

When John passed in 2018, Hy’s established the John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship, in partnership with Vancouver Community College. Donations go toward an endowment to support students pursuing careers in the culinary and hospitality arts. To make a donation, please click here and select “John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship” from the drop down menu.

In 2023, Hy’s expanded this scholarship program to Winnipeg, Calgary and Toronto.

The Red River College Polytechnic – Hy’s Steakhouse/ John Aisenstat Memorial Award has been established for students entering the second year of Red River College Polytechnic’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Restaurant Management diploma programs. To make a donation please click here and select Hy’s Steakhouse/Hospitality & Culinary Arts John Aisenstat Memorial Award.

The SAIT – John Aisenstat Memorial Award is for students in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Tourism Management schools. To make a donation click here.

The George Brown College – John Aisenstat Memorial Award is for students studying Culinary Management, or Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant Management. To make a donation click here.

John’s approach to life was defined by honesty, humility, and generosity. He would be so proud of these academic partnerships and the spirit of investment in the future of our industry.


VCC Award Recipients

Tran Anh (2019) – Culinary Arts Advanced Certificate Program
Kirsten Aubrey Sanan (2020) – Hospitality Management Diploma Program
Darya Grytsenko (2021) – Culinary Arts Certificate Program
Miyeon Jeon (2022) – Hospitality Management Diploma Program
Hongyu Ni (2023) – Culinary Arts Advanced Certificate Program
Hoang Dung Nguyen (2023) – Hospitality Management Diploma Program
Darya Grytsenko

2021 Recipient

“I would like to express the biggest gratitude for the recognition and support you have provided me through this award. My main goal is to achieve excellence and became Red Seal Chef. My development would not be possible without my highly professional instructors with all their amazing experiences and friends that I met along the way. The financial help you’ve provided me will be great in paying all my educational expenses. Thank you again for your support as I continue to learn and advance in my field.”

Aubrey Sanan

2020 Recipient

“Moving to Canada was one of the biggest decisions in my life which turned out to be the best choice. I was able to meet wonderful people in a welcoming country. A lot of opportunities have been opened to me, as well as being awarded this scholarship with the generosity of Hy’s Steakhouse. I am thankful for this opportunity as it continues to motivate me to pursue my dreams in the hospitality industry and provide excellent service to others.  Thank you very much!”

Anh Tran

2019 Recipient

“Thank you for inspiring me and young students to strive for excellence in the hospitality industry. Thank you for being awesome and being the iconic pioneer of the Vancouver Restaurants scene and Canada’s fine dining standard. It is my great honour to receive your support and carry on the spirit of the beloved champion Mr. John Aisenstat.”