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The winners are…

Hy’s Thrives 2023

Hy’s is Thriving

We had some serious contenders in the Third Annual Heath & Wellness Challenge. Take a look at this year’s winners and some of you who joined the challenge.
Overall Team Winner

Hy’s Toronto

Led by Captain Megan Maharaj, Toronto not only demonstrated excellence in individual achievement, but showed tremendous leadership in community care and outreach.



President’s Choice Spirit of Hy’s Award

Wade Fennig, Gotham

Always one to look on the bright side, Wade keeps himself and his teammates going with an infectious attitude of commitment, good humor, and gratitude.

Individual Achievement Award

Megan Maharaj, Team Captain, Toronto

Megan completed her flight school training during the challenge. For her outstanding achievements in her classes, as well as for her infectious positive attitude, Megan was awarded a scholarship from the Women in Aviation Organization to complete her flight school training. 

Hy’s Thrives

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Hy’s Thrives

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