Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar — John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship awarded for 2020
August 25, 2020

John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship awarded for 2020

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We are delighted to announce the recipient of the John Aisenstat Memorial Scholarship for 2020 — Aubrey Sanan

After majoring in Hotel Management in the Philippines, Aubrey decided she wanted to further her studies in a different environment. She decided to move to Canada and is currently taking up Hospitality Management at VCC. She is grateful to her instructors and all of the VCC staff for their guidance and hopes to expand her knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry.

“Moving to Canada was one of the biggest decisions in my life which turned out to be the best choice. I was able to meet wonderful people in a welcoming country. A lot of opportunities have been opened to me, as well as being awarded this scholarship with the generosity of Hy’s Steakhouse. I am thankful for this opportunity as it continues to motivate me to pursue my dreams in the hospitality industry and provide excellent service to others.”

Congratulations Aubrey! With your hard work and dedication to the hospitality industry, we know you’ll be a great success.