Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar — Hy’s Cross Canada Cocktail Tour
June 14, 2017

Hy’s Cross Canada Cocktail Tour

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To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, we challenged the cocktail team at each Hy’s location to develop a drink, using local ingredients, which would reflect the tastes of their region. They rose to the challenge crafting a bevy of bevvies made with the best of local spirits and true north inspiration.

Naturally, our own Canadian Rye Whisky shows up, along with boutique gin and local craft lager. There’s Hy’s take on the Bloody Caesar, and some surprising, playful ingredients like salmon jerky and house-made rhubarb syrup. As each cocktail is named to represent a location, guests may enjoy a cross-country tour without ever leaving their favourite Hy’s.

“We wanted to find an authentic way to celebrate Canada’s 150th,” said Hy’s Chief Operating Officer Megan Buckley. “Over the last 62 years, Hy’s has understood that Canadians from East to West enjoy a great cocktail. This list is a chance for each of our restaurants to fly a local flag, and share their creations across the country.”

You can try these exceptional drinks at each Hy’s location. We’d love to know your favourite.

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